Container solution

Construction de Bunker NRBC

Why use containers for an underground shelter

The shelters are made from containers, and combined with concrete it makes a robust and modular solution. Modular, because the assembly of several containers allows endless layout combinations. And the use of container facilitates the installation of the refuge in your home. Indeed, the shelters are prefabricated and fitted out by skilled craftsmen in our workshop. They are then transported with discretion to the place of installation.

The metal structure of the container is essential, it contributes to the rigidity of the shelter and protect from detection. In the United States, most bunkers are made exclusively from steel.

A reinforced concrete shell

Concrete is well known for its mechanical properties and durability over time. This materiel is widely used in Europe for constructions.

Bonus: Concrete is a perfect protection screen against radiation. Once the container is placed on a concrete slab, reinforced concrete is poured all around. Finally, a cover slab, also reinforced with steel bars, will be pour on top of the container. To finish, the refuge is backfilled to blend in with the surroundings.