Construction de bunker

Bunker and underground shelter builder

construire un bunker confortable

The way ahead is uncertain,

we help you face the unknown

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NRBC Refuge

Refuges intended to face nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical risks. Thanks to a thick concrete protection, a layer of steel, a sealed airlock and a filter ventilation.

NRBC door

Fallout shelter

For away from the concrete blokaus memories we have from the second worl war, Refuges are the new generation of cozy shelter.

Décontamination Unit

Our decontamination units is to help emergency response teams to get closer to the victims during a disasters or to limit the development of contamination by treating victims at the entrance of a care areas.

Unité décontamination 1

Bug out location

Your refuge is a place of withdrawal in the event of a disaster. It needs a decent location that will provide you with adequate, safe and secure shelter. It must be self-sufficient in energy, water and food.

Community bunker

Dealing with the upcomming collapse of our society, mutual aid is essential. Civil defense of the government provides underground bases, but there are also independent survivalist corporations that build community shelters.
Le Refuge: your best life insurance

Our solutions

bunker et conteneur

The container

Modular solutions that provides easy and discreet installation



A robust and durable solution


Our refuges

Compact and optimized living space

Notre actualité

Our achievements

We offer full solution, conception , construction and maintenance included

Cosy confinement